What you see here will hopefully come from a evangelical Christian perspective, since I came to the Lord two decades ago and have tried, in my flawed way, to follow Jesus since then. My theology straddles Baptist and charismatic thought, thus I call myself a "Bapticostal," half Baptist, half Pentecostal. We're currently hanging our hats at Victory Baptist Church in Lexington, although my wife and I have attended mostly Vineyard or other charismatic churches in the last six years.

I'm a business instructor at Sullivan University in Lexington, Kentucky, teaching primarily finance classes at both the undergraduate and MBA levels; I started in at Sullivan in May of 2007. At most other schools, I would have at least an assistant prof title, but Sullivan has all their faculty as "instructor" regardless of where they are on the pecking order. I also do on-line finance tutoring part-time with

I've been married to Eileen for five years; no children as of yet. She's a "recovering Presbyterian" with a English degree and a Masters in Christian Ed; that makes for some interesting breakfast and bedtime discussions.

I've got a Ph.D. in Finance from Kent State University, an MBA in Finance from Michigan State University, a BBA in Finance and Accounting (double major) from Saginaw Valley State University, and a BS in Political Science from Central Michigan University.

I grew up in Midland, MI and spent most of my life there besides college. I spent six years in grad school at Kent State, so I still have a soft spot for the Cavs and Indians, along with the various Detroit/Michigan teams I grew up with; I've yet to quite buy into the UK religion here in Kentucky.

I also spent two years in Winter Haven, FL, teaching at Warner Southern College in neighboring Lake Wales, so Central Florida has a warm spot in my heart as well.

Politically, I lean right-of-center on most issues, although I'm not as anti-government as a lot of conservatives. I don't care for the death penalty and backed the president's immigration policies, but will be on the "conservative" side of most other issues.

I've been running this blog since January 2002, starting on Blogger and moving to Typepad in 2003.