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April 01, 2004


Roy Jacobsen

Take a gander at http://gmail.google.com. If it's a hoax, they're going all out. (But that's one of the hallmarks of a great hoax, innit?)

Robert Bauer

Okay, I'm a PSCI major, and Mark has a doctorate in Business, so I'm hoping he can help me out on this one. I completely fail to understand why it's important to get into a competition over offering a free service. How do you make a profit off this? For that matter, how does Google make a profit anyway? Surely advertising revenue can't be that high!

Roy Jacobsen

I did a Google search on "Google's business model" (a bit ironic, innit?) and came up with several hits. According to the info in their own company overview, they make money through search services and advertising. The advertising is much more than just the ads you see on the search results page; for example, their technology serves up content-targeted ads on several big websites. The details are here: http://www.google.com/press/overview.html.

Robert Bauer

Drat, if only I'd thought of looking up their business model! Thanks, Roy!

Brad Jaeger

Gmail is not a hoax, and it is in its beta testing already.

send an email to me (brad.jaeger@gmail.com) and I'll reply using that same address.

No word on when the beta is going public, but it will be huge

1 gb of emails, conversation style messaging, the ability to search through your emails like a google search....it is amazing

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