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May 02, 2004


davie d

Ad-aware by Lavasoft is the best.

Nathan Mates

Ad-Aware is free. So is Spybot Search & Destroy, from . Neither one gets 100%, so it's best to grab both, and let them at a system.

Spybot has a slightly looser license that allows its free use on commercial systems, and in my experience is slightly better.

I'd also put in a plug for AntiVir, a free, well-updated virus scanner. Grab it from . There's no excuse not to have antivirus scanning at that cost.

Nathan Mates

Gary Petersen

Having recently "acquired" some spyware on my home PC, I'd second the suggestion for Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search & Destroy. I have both and am using them to scan quite frequently.

Blithering Idiot

I'm another vote for ad-aware, although it's not prophylactic -- you run it to wipe off spyware. I run it nearly daily and the minimum number of problems I've ever gotten rid of is 8.

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