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September 01, 2004


Bene Diction

Lebensraum...easy translation...living space.
Tougher one...imperialisation.

We'll talk.:^)
I believe the missle defense shield is on the negoitating radar screen. Blog on!

J. Michael Matkin

"I got a very pleasant chill up my spine when I did a "Gdansk Lech" google to double-check stuff; they've renamed the Gdansk airport Lech Walesa Airport. For someone who watched Solidarity's struggles through the 80s, seeing that has a weird sense of watching a sci-fi piece of (T+50 years) where they have airports and buildings named after current politicians and heroes. Well, we're now at T+24."

Hunh, has it really been that long? Time flies, eh? It's amazing how the struggles of yesterday become the footnotes of tomorrow. There's a humbling truth in that. We don't exactly forget, but it certainly recedes from our daily consciousness. So if we're going to fight and maybe die for something, we had better be assured in our own souls that it's for the right reasons. An airport and a mention in the history books isn't going to be enough of a reason. We've got to stand for things that matter in and of themselves and be satisfied that we were in the right as best we saw the right, whether or not those who come after us remember what we have done.

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