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November 26, 2004


William Sulik

That's weird -- makes sense, I guess.

BTW, I thought you were from Michigan; when did you pick up the British accent ("the defence can...")?

Mark Byron

Who says it's British? It's an "oot and aboot" Canadian accent picked up from hanging out with Bene. Besides, The Safety Dance is from a Canadian band (Men Without Hats) , so we need a Canadian spelling :-)

Defence is one of my bigger typoes, right up behind restaurant and amendment with two m's up front, or millennium with one n. I posted this as I was being paged for dinner and forgot to spell-check it.

William Sulik

no worries, mate.

When I spell check (using blogger), everything crashes, so I've learned to avoid it.


Joseph  Dorer

The thing about the 1 point safety, is that if the team that originally scored the touchdown (offense) can score a one point safety, than both teams (offense and defense) are able to score in this way, just as both teams (offense and defense) are able to score 2 point "touchdowns". Here's how it would work: During a point(s) after attempt, the defensive team gains possesion of the ball runs it to the opposite end of the field and fumbles before the ball reaches the end zone, the original offensive team would then have to re-gain possesion before re-fumbling the ball into their endzone, if they fumble through the endzone out-of-bounds or recover the fumble and are tackled, then a single point would be awarded to the defensive team. In essence, a team CAN score a single point in a game accordinng to NCAA rules. Wouldn't 6 to 1 be a funky final score. It is possible though.

Mark Byron

Another way that safety for the defense could happen is with a blocked kick knocking the ball back towards midfield and one of those slippery-pumpkin misadventures ensues where no one gets control of the ball and it heads back into and out of bounds in the opposite end zone.

Don't hold your breath waiting for an X-1 score to happen; it's more likely that the NCAA would adopt the CFL rule giving teams a point for a touchback than an extra-point safety for the defense happening before then.

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