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January 08, 2006


Bene D

I read that some ministers went/snuck into the room where the hearings start tomorrow and anointed the chairs with oil.

What is that practise about?
Why would they announce they did?
How is the following scriptural?
a) put oil on inanimate objects
b) announce it to media

Apparently a right wing Jewish group used voodoo type dolls in their prayer services invoking that Ariel Sharon be struck down, then rejoiced and danced when he had his stoke and announced it to the media. How are these two incidents different?

As for your prayer life...I'm praying for you. I credit the negative spiritual flow you say you are sensing more to humans at each others throats over power and the noise it's generating, and some of us sensitive to others feel it deeply. I pray you will know and experience the Peace that passes all understanding.

Mark Byron

I'm not sure about anointing chairs, but praying over the site of an event in advance is not uncommon in evangelical circles, especially in more charismatic ones.

It's not uncommon to see a person getting prayed over get a little 'anointing' of oil on the forehead in various evangelical circles (once again, mostly charismatic/Pentecostal, but I've seen it at non-"Spirit-filled" places as well); I could see folks with that streak might be thinking that they're doing some anointing-by-proxy for the senators and witnesses.

That's stretching it less than your voodoo Jewdoos; that would be some sort of witchcraft that the OT would frown upon.

Joe Carter

How are these two incidents different?

Let's review:

--Anointing objects with oil and praying that God's blessing be upon an area.
--Using voodoo dolls and praying that a man be afflicted with illness and/or death.

Are you really saying that you don't see a difference between the two?

Bene Diction

I stand corrected. I saw the piece, speeded through it and didn't find it again until today.
It was "pulsa denura" a death curse, and I'm unclear about what that involves. I apologize for saying dolls were involved. I don't think red strings were involved either, but I haven't done further research. It's a form of extremism called Kahanism.

Why would someone sneak into a room, anoint inanimate objects and then tell the media?
I'm not criticising prayer - I'm saying why anoint inanimate objects and then literally broadcast your actions?

I'm assuming it was a courtesy - if there is oil on the chairs, I'd want to know before I sat down and stained my suit.:^)

Bene D

Okay Joe, I respect Mark far too much to joke about this. Perhaps I shouldn't say I'm praying for him, but I do pray for him and if I say so it is to encourage him - no personal gain involved.

Here is the story on the curse.

Here is the story on anointing the chairs.

Both are religious acts for political ends.

Mark Byron

Usually, the anointing oil was just a little dab on the forehead, not enough to gunk up things, especially if it had a few days to dry.

Why would they do that? Showboating, methinks. I'll write more about the guy behind that anointing later.

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