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February 08, 2006


Mark Congdon


This is a fascinating situation... thanks for posting on it, as I probably wouldn't have heard about it otherwise.

You wrote: "many premillennialsts among the theocons are expecting Jesus to come back in short order; thus, they may have little interest in a long-term environmental fix when there is unlikely to be a long-term."

I have heard this before. So far, however, I have only heard it from people who are accusing others of holding his position. I haven't been able to track down any statements from anyone who actually does hold this position. I notice that you used the clause "may have". I'm wondering... do you know of any specific evangelical teachers who have espoused this view? Or, alternately, any who you would consider likely to, that I could do further digging on? So far, I've come up empty.


Mark Byron

I'm not sure if someone's actually articulated that view; I recall such views were attributed to Reagan-era Interior Secretary James Watt, but that could well have been a liberal urban legend.

I'm going to explore that issue further in part II, but a little Googling wouldn't hurt before doing so.

[Update 3/14-Here's a Power Line piece on that liberal urban legend.]


Thanks for the link.

Someone posted a comment to the effect that we shouldn't worry about it too much based on end times prophecies. I am pretty certain that isn't the right attitude toward the environment.

John McKeown

Re: written examples of > shouldn't worry about it
too much based on end times prophecies

The final paragraph of this article does that.

Christian visiting speakers on environmental issues
often encounter this objection to involvement.

The leaflet (below) was a response to that viewpoint:

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