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March 25, 2006


Repack Rider

I'm praying that he finds a good job that can use his skills

This just in. The reason he had to steal ideas from others is because his limited "skills" are in the area of harping hypocritically about morality and stealing work done by others. Hard to see much of a legitimate market for such "skills."

But what do I know about published work? I'm just a former magazine editor.

Mark Byron

Would you prefer that he work flipping burgers at McDonalds the next 50 years? He might not be getting a job in publishing for a while, but I don't want to doom him to banishment from meaningful employment for life.



I think Mr. Domenech will take time off, recover, and perhaps write a book. Other plagiarists--Stephen Ambrose, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Molly Ivins--have survived, and I think he will, too.

James Malone

Flipping burgers is a little above his skill level, methinks :-)

Menlo Bob

So I guess the Washington Post will no longer be providing space for the likes of Doris or Molly?

Andy Streich

"Over 6291 posts (the count as of now over four-plus years), I'm not sure someone could find a boo-boo, where I did a cut-and-paste and forgot to cite what I pulled; I can say with a straight face that I haven't intentionally done that, but I could see where I might have grabbed a paragraph and forgotten to indent it and provide a link."

The sort of forgetful mistake wasn't at all what Ben did. He intentionally lifted the words of other people and past them off as his own. It wasn't like forgetting to add a footnote.

William Sulik

Seeing the comments of "Repack" and J. Malone above, reminds me of why I find it hard to walk with the current leftists. These people claim to be filled with compassion and weep for Mumia and Tookie Williams yet they would damn Ben to an eternity of misery.

I just don't get it.

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