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July 05, 2006



Since I'm in the middle of a blog move/redesign, I've also been pondering those questions. With the traditional blogosphere July 4th week slowdown in full (non)swing, there's extra time to mull over blog content and direction.

I keep coming back to relationships, how they are built and maintained. There are no easy answers to determining what would interest visitors to the point that they return, so for most of us it's hit and miss. I'm concentrating on how to share a part of myself in order to foster good relationships. It's easier said than done, but every once in awhile it can work to the point of serving others by what you post.

WWJB what would Jesus blog?

Kevin Holtsberry


One thing I think you do well is remind us of spiritual truths in a non-intimidating way. I will confess that I often don't spend as much time on spiritual things as I should. Books, sports, and politics can crowd out God. Coming here helps me to keep that spiritual focus and hopefully learn to better prioritize my life.

Your spiritual encouragement comes off as sincere and heartfelt not arrogant or preachy. That is worth a lot, I think.

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