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August 19, 2006


Matt Brown

Interesting post, Mark. I never knew about any Christian Native American bands, so it's great to hear about them. But, they agreed to play at a casino? Hmmm.... I guess that's because casinos seem to be increasing on Native American reservations. It's good to see Native Americans doing well, but bad to see them turning to casinos.

James Debson

I think they had to do what they had to,( As for performing in the Casino ) I saw the concert, with The Plateros, They were amazing, I wonder why they are not up there with all the major Christian groups, as a Native American Christian, I was so encourage by this family band, Alot of people don't understand, that Native Christian Bands don't have the stage that others have, We have to work harder, and sometimes our faith is question. So I have to say that these bands are going to excel in thier field. and tell the world that Jesus is the way for all nations.



Nancy Goate, Events Director, Kingdom RockFest

I liked what you had to say about the concert and I can say that "mission accomplished". We were here to accomplish things of a spiritual nature, that is to say, make an impact in the youth's heart and soul and make everyone think upon the Lord and also, to let everyone have a taste of the talents of the Native American bands via National Christian bands. Having the concert at the Soaring Eagle Entertainment Hall was an excellent place to have such a concert because it drew people in who were there for another reason. My daughter walked out of the side doors closest to the casino and saw people lined up against the glass looking in and they inquired as to who was playing. She told them it was a free concert and to go right on in and they couldn't believe it at first but finally walked in.

I am so very pleased with the results of testimonies coming from this first Christian event in Mt. Pleasant that truly only our Mighty God opened the doors that no man could shut.

Our list of tribes is growing so that one day we will have accomplished what Our Lord has set into motion and that is to go to every tribe and surrounding community in the U.S., Canada and finally Internationally.

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Keetowah Band of Oklahoma
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan
Seminole Tribe of Florida

Working on taking the Kingdom RockFest to The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Creek Nation and into Window Rock, AZ. This is our third year and we will work diligently to accomplish what my Father in Heaven said to do.


Nancy Goate, Events Director, Kingdom RockFest

I would like to let you know of another Kingdom RockFest in Mt. Pleasant, MI at the Soaring Eagle Entertainment Hall, August 17 & 18, 2007. August 17 is KUTLESS with Native American supporting bands: Living Stone, Guilty Wilson and Emcee One. On August 18 we will present PLUMB with supporting bands: Visionary, The Plateros, Lil Disciples and Fresh I.E. Tickets are on sale at starticketsplus.com.

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