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November 21, 2007



I don't know if it would change the analysis, but I would suggest making the comparison on the basis of combined state and local tax burdens.

States vary in the extent to which they rely more heavily on state or local taxation. They also vary in the extent to which they respond to changes in the economy by changing state or local taxes.

During the period in question, (1) some states have avoided raising the overall tax burden, (2) some have increased state taxes, and (3) some have avoided state tax increases by decreasing aid to local governments or increasing local responsibilities, resulting in local tax increases.

Making the comparison based only on state tax burden, lumps states in groups (1) and (3) together.

Like I said, it may not change the outcome of the analysis, but I think that would be a more valid comparison.


I guess I should add: (4) some states raise the state AND the local tax burdens.

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