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April 21, 2008


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Bene D

I am really sorry to read this, a Canadian who sees William Branham's angels. We export charlatans who prey on needy people.

Mark Byron

Spiritual NAFTA, Bene. You get Focus on the Family imports, we get imports of the Toronto Blessing and Todd Bentley; all the Pentecostal Americans going north to visit Toronto helped the Canadian trade balance over the years.

Quite a few Pentecostal odd ducks come from elsewhere. Benny Hinn is Lebanese and Rodney Howard Brown is South African.


speaking of Rodney and the Straders check out

“The Fleecer” Rodney Howard Browne http://cnt10d.tripod.com/rodney.htm

“The Charlatan” Karl Strader http://cnt10d.tripod.com/strader.htm

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