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December 05, 2008



I feel the "odd coalition" is traitorous. I am glad the break will gill 12 members a chance to rethink their place in history. I f you want to get in, get elected in the first place.

Bene D

Alan: How is a coalition of the opposition traitorous?

What galls me is 70 thousand Canadians lost their jobs last month and our brawlers in Ottawa will collect $13,063.75 each over the prorogued period. And that is just HoC MP newbies.

Mark, she is the GG, with constitutional experts at her beck and call. Whatever she feels and whatever her political slant doesn't change the parameters of her role.

She spent an hour with Harper and an aide, an hour with experts - voters don't have to be happy with her decision, but it was her job to make it.

Mark Byron

Yes, she has a constitutional role and has to play by the rules. However, she did have the option to refuse to prorogue and give the opposition a chance to go forward right away and would have been well within her rights to do so.

However, giving the Conservatives a month and a half to come up with a more centrist budget package and talk one or more of the parties (or 12 rogue members of the opposition) out of the coalition. That seems to be good for Canada in the long term, which GG Jean should be given credit for.

Bene Diction

Agreed Mark, there are conventions with rules and exceptions to the conventions. She coloured inside the lines.

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