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November 20, 2009


David Head

Mark--- so sorry to hear about this. We will be praying for you and Eileen. Since we are currently in the midst of our own season of transition and rethinking our suppositions about the way the story was supposed to play out, we can pray with some deep understanding and empathy...blessings...David

Matt Brown

Praying for you and Eileen, Mark.

Bene Diction

My first practical suggestion would be for you to take care of yourself. Fully recover from this last bout of illness, don't make any hasty decisions and let your friends care for you.

My next piece of practical advice would be to listen to yourself, you are smart, caring and I am so sorry, there have been a lot of blows for you. I respect your courage in sharing this, I'll pray you can get a job which doesn't make you ill.

You are not alone.

As someone who has dealt with panic attacks since I was a kid, I can identify. We're unique and have to learn find ways to work through and work around what is a puzzlement to others. What makes the panic and seemingly failures even harder is beating ourselves up. While medication and support help, I've had to listen to my body and mind and find jobs where I could function freely.


You are very far from alone to the point where too many cannt help. Best of luck with the hunt. Be thankful you are not fighting the economy in Michigan and our bleeping Governor.

Relax during the holidays to put your ducks in a row first before acting too much.

Gina Manley

Dr. B,

You will be sadly missed by a few good students that thrived under your guidance. You made learning fun and exciting! Never in a million years would I have believed that I would carry a book of finance terms in my purse and be proud of that! I can now read a 10-k and truly know what is going on with a company. Thank- you for giving me a desire to learn beyond what the books had printed in them. I will keep my eyes and ears open for local jobs and let you know if anything comes my way. I am already missing our lively conversations.


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