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December 21, 2009


David Head

Hey, Mark-- just scrolling back through some posts I had missed and noticed that you guys are moving back to MI. Sounds like things are beginning to even out a bit with the combination of jobs, etc. Our house goes on the market next week, so I guess we'll be joining you in the move, soon. It was great to get to know you and Eileen, if even for a short part of the journey...God's blessings on you as you go home and start the next chapter of your life together. Merry Christmas!!

Kevin Holtsberry

I have often thought of trying to get back "home" to Michigan but we are just too rooted here in Columbus. It would take a good job offer to get back to God's country. More likely I would jump to DC.

My dad lives near Grand Rapids during the summer if you are around we should meet up. You could come down and enjoy the lake (he has wifi so you cold work too).

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