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September 25, 2011



Because they are soooo tiny they were hypothesized years ago to explain the highly situational flaws in Einstein's work. Hismathematics do not work for unified theory and that started all this. These neutrinos have have been sought for years, now they are found. They were necessary for Grand Unified Theory (GUT, the real acronym). It is still a work in progress and the math only works in ten dimensions, most tiny and curled on themselves. This is why we cannot see them.

Sören Backman

Seems logic that it´s a little faster due to smaller mass/energy (?) Did they see it; I mean did they measure it going back in time??? Isn´t that predicted?

Well-read layman

Sören Backman Sweden

Sören Backman

Btw, don´t you mean photon?? "a smidge faster than an electron?"


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