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August 17, 2012


Bene D

My lack of love for the FRC isn't a secret.

We agre, but it's no surprise Perkins and company go to far.
I also agree emotions are high, looking at the FBI definitions of a hate group, I don't think the SPLC is out of line. See the FBI 7 stage hate model.
The 'hate' label goes beyond bile.

The FRC claims are well documented:

- Distorting scientific research to demonize gays,over the researchers’ objections
(Remember the site Respect My Research?)
- Calling for the criminalization of homosexuality
- Accusing gay men of recruiting children and being more likely to molest them than straights.
- Advocating the death penalty for GLBT.
- Holding gays responsible for Nazi Germany/Holocaust

So what do we call groups like the FRC which makes claims like the above?
If hate group isn't acceptable, what term works?

I certainly can't call them Christian.

Mark Byron

I'm actually with you on Tony Perkins; I've been uneasy with him since he came on board and see him as way over the top. That loose connection with David Duke (somewhat fellow travelers in Louisiana politics) doesn't help matters.

The link you provided goes over a greatest hits of Perkins' anti-gay statements, but those last two bullet points (death penalty and gay Nazis) wasn't in the piece. You could actually make something of a case for the latter, for their was quite a few gays in the Nazi inner circle, but blaming the whole Nazi era on them would be a reach.

Perkins does trigger the hateometer; if our Sikh-shooter of two weekends ago hits a 9 (there are worse out there in white-poweredom) Perkins comes in at a 1.5 on gays (I can't say that bile extends to other minority groups, to be fair to Perkins). One could picture him acting like the Greek nativist leader and punching out a leftist foe in a debate.

The FRC as a whole doesn't seem to have that bile. I see a follow-up post coming.

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