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October 26, 2012



Except that "Obamacare" would not be a net minus for the country as a whole.

Check it out: http://www.urban.org/publications/412665.html

Also, there's been a lot of clamor about employer mandates, but if you think about how the penalty works, the magnitude of that concern fades. The size of penalty is $2,000 per worker, with the first 30 workers exempted. This means that if a company employs exactly 50 workers, then the company would have to pay a $40,000 fine. If the average pay for a worker is $10 an hour (in other words, everyone gets close to the minimum wage), this fine would add 4 percent to the company's wage bill. If the employer currently pays for some care, he would be able to stop paying for the care, which would offset much or all of this cost.

It's worth noting bby comparison, past minimum wage increases have been on the order of 15-20 percent. Extensive research has found that these increases in labor costs have had little or no impact on employment, meaning that firms have been able to absorb this additional expense without substantially changing their operations.

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