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November 27, 2012



He may be more right-of-center than Tea Parities, but far-right relative to past Republican New Jersey Governors. Tom Kean and Christy Whitman didn't think it was cute to not make the state's required contribution to pension funds. Kean championed education and Whitman made great strides in environmental regulation during their respective governorships. Christie's educational plan is milquetoast and his energy plan isn't a bold step forward. Not sure what Christie's sway among independents would be, other than his no-nonsense attitude (which to me is more polarizing than helpful).

Agreed that it is unlikely he will make a POTUS run. But that probably has more to do with his physical appearance and athleticism. The President plays basketball and keeps his weight down. G.W. is famous for his jogging. Even Bill Clinton insisted on jogging 3 days a week in those awful 90s high-shorts.

Mark Byron

Yes, he's to the right of Kane and CTW, but that's not saying much; both of them were pro-choice moderates who'd be hard-pressed to win a GOP primary these days. Whitman had a bit of a libertarian streak but Kane was of an earlier generation of moderates who are homeless these days, too moderate for the modern Dems but written off as RINOS by conservatives; Bill Milliken here in Michigan is a good analogue for Kane, and he has little love for the modern Michigan GOP.

The weight would be an issue, but not an insurmountable one; I recall another moderate Republican who lost reelection 100 years ago this month (Taft) who could join Christie as offensive tackle on the GOP all-time team. Gerald Ford gets to play center, since he played there at Michigan and even got drafted by the Packers.


Good points. Rumors were running around for a while that Joe Schwartz would run as a Dem over in Michigan (Battle Creek?). If that had happened, RINOs might have had a temporary shelter, at least.

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