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September 30, 2013


Anne Wolfe

Well, are the Tea-Party Republicans enjoying feeling their oats, so to speak, and showing they have a little power to make some big and "awful" things happen, do you think, or are they just so appalled at the idea of affordable insurance--my words--or Obama and liberals getting their way that they had to do something? Do they see this as an expansion of government, while there is also an expansion of private business going on as well--isn't there? Perhaps some companies will go out of business, but others who are willing to work with the system might succeed....you might gather I don't know much about this system, expect that it is supposed to give a lot of people health care that don't have it, and you are right. I am not an economic gneius and won't pretend to be. I do see the big picture that more heealthy people overall equals a healthier economy and I"m not getting lost in the details. You can call me an old-fashioned liberal who is a mixture of liberal and conservative values, and who basically likes people to get along--do I ever stop dreaming? :)

Anne Wolfe

This might sound seriously nasty to wonder this, but having been in the company of, and having been at one time a convert, or extremists-or very fervent believers, I wonder if the Tea-Party Republicans believe they have "the big Man UP There" on their side, (not Santa Claus) and that they are making a last-ditch effort to "save the country"? There is some romance in the notion that by being a few people pitched against the majority, misunderstood, they are taking an unpopular stand for a just cause. It gets one's heart beating and one's head going.

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